Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Intro to Tech Quiz

resource for educators and learners.  It is a useful site because it is an accumulation of recorded mini lectures. These lectures have been recorded at the Ted Talks leaders have a voice and Ted Talks provides the outlet for their voice and message to be heard by studio. These lectures are provided by leaders in their field and they offer a variety of insightful information. For example, there are documentaries about personal development, education, technology, and current world affairs.  If you are looking for valuable knowledge that is cutting edge, it is most likely that you will find a leader talking about it on Ted Talks. That's why it is such a powerful resource.

There are many reasons to research Ted Talks for documentaries. It is very comprehensive. The information is current and relevant. Here is a great mini lecture on Liberal Education. Having this type of information delivered by powerful leaders at your finger tips is a very wonderful way to learn! This is why so many educators and learners tune in to Ted Talks.

Ted Talks

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