Friday, February 10, 2012

Google World

Google World - Google's goal: All the worlds information available on the web. Making it an all knowing entity. They will complete this goal in 300 years. Eric
Schmidt, CEO of Google

A few thoughts after watching this documentry are...
  • If knowledge is power and abuse of power comes as no surprise... how will we be safe? Who will over control this powerful resource? It is made mention in the documentry at China and the United Sates governments are already skillfully controling the data that is being received through google. The US government is accessing data of people privatly for investingation purposes without anyone knowing.
  • Google revolutionized searching on the Internet and they made interaction with Internet fun and enticing to users.
  • 20% of the employees time is spent on their own time during work time and that's how gmail was created
  • Gmail uses targeted advertising to earn revenue for the company.
  • young graduates are given a huge responsibility as project manager
  • Inspiring how they value creativity and use white boards throughout the company building to spur creativity that the google employees have. They have a white board to envision and explore there ideas.
  • no paper in the office. All users have laptops.
  • google looks for other great products and developments to buy and incorporate into their structure. ie. writely become google documents
  • Google has a huge scale of computer pile of data and storage on software.
  • Cloud computing is what google is starting so that if you drop your computer the information is stored somewhere else and will not be lost.
  • Where would our data be stored?
Things that google offers its staff that I thought were cool...
  • ping pong tables on work site
  • free laundry
  • complimentary food
  • spa gym
  • hair stylist on site

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